"Slonim crushing and screening plant" for 30 years is a reliable supplier of non-metallic building materials to the enterprises of the construction industry of the Republic of Belarus.


Currently, the CUE "Slonim crushing plant" is a modern mining company with a high-efficiency earthmoving and loading equipment.

Slonimsky DSZ is one of the main suppliers of non-metallic building materials for the construction complex of Brest, Grodno and Gomel regions.

The main consumers of the CUE "Slonim crushing plant" are: JSC "Grodnozhilstroy", Soligorsk Promstroy jbk, jbk Baranovichi, Soligorsk, DSC, and other organizations of the Republic.

Over the past years, the company has produced 11.3 million m3 of non-metallic building materials, of which 14 million m3 of reinforced concrete structures can be made for the construction of 12 million m3 of the total area of housing and other socially significant objects in the Republic of Belarus.

The company is expanding the range of products. In 2007 production of crushed stone of fraction 3-10 which is used for drawing a textured layer of wall panels and sand construction small module of size 1,5-2,0 for production of commodity plaster mixes and small wall blocks is mastered.

Production of commodity concrete of various brands and also decorative crushed stone is adjusted.

It is possible to organize the delivery of products both by rail and by road (dump truck, concrete mixer truck).

Slonimsky DSZ carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of the enterprise.

Director - Mastiarko Viktar

In the activity it is guided by the Charter of the enterprise. Organizes interaction with Slonim district Executive Committee and other organizations.

Operating mode of the enterprise:

            08:30 - 17:00

lunch: 13:00 - 13:30


Sales department:

+37529 8682726